Yeon Deung Hoe 연등회

When in the darkness thousands of lanterns flood the city of Seoul and with their magical light illuminate the world of uncertainty with Buddha's wisdom.

Hell Joseon – 헬조선

Suneung - the day that sets the course of the lives of many young Koreans. An almost unbearable pressure to perform in the South Korean education system. How much longer?

Today is Pepero day!

What do chocolate-covered cookies in oblong shape have in common with schoolgirls? Or why do you become tall and slim when you eat chocolate-covered cookies in stick shape on 11/11?

Next stop: Switzerland?

How does Se A Park 박세아 always manage to inspire her compatriots to come to Switzerland? And how the travel behavior of Koreans might change after Covid.

On y go 오니고

Why are food courier jobs a social challenge and how does it affect us all? Photographer Noah Han 한노아 experience this firsthand every day and documents it photographically.

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